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The contract will include your name and contact information and our name, address, contact information, etc.  We carry workers’ compensation and general liability insurance and would be willing to send a Certificate of Insurance upon request.

The contract will include a description of the job, much like what has been provided on the proposal, with stop and start dates.  An exhibit may be referenced and attached to include specific drawings or initial requirements.  Typically, we are able to stick to the contract as is.

Buckeye is acting as a general contractor on this project.  All of the subcontractors we use have worker’s compensation insurance. We have agreements with our subcontractors for payment on our projects.  Buckeye pays our subcontractors upon completion of the work to the client’s satisfaction, whether or not the total project is complete.

Change orders are billed as a separate invoice line items.  Buckeye records change orders that will affect the estimated price and submits to the client for approval.  Some changes are made verbally onsite (with the permission of the client) and are recorded in written form as soon as possible.  However, many changes do not affect the scope financially but are the customer’s preference.

On the proposal, the materials that Buckeye intends to purchase will be noted as “materials and labor.”  Where “labor” is noted without “materials,” the client will supply needed materials or no materials are required.

Buckeye meets the industry standard with a one year warranty for workmanship.  Materials are not covered by our warranty; however, we do our best to purchase quality materials.  We deal with reputable mills and vendors to purchase wood and supplies. It has never been our experience to have a materials claim.

Buckeye will be responsible for cleaning up the work area at the end of each day.  We use systems to reduce dust, but, being a construction site, a certain amount of dust is to be expected. Unfortunately, accidents happen on projects, sometimes resulting in spills or stains. Buckeye will be responsible to reimburse the customer.  

Buckeye is responsible for who enters your home during the project.  We do our best to ensure that all workers treat your home with care.  Unless there is a customer request, there is no need for the customer to be present when work is being done. Typically, we put a lockbox on the property and use the door the customer prefers.

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