Buckeye Custom Remodeling is dedicated to satisfying the home improvement needs of our clients.

With imagination and creativity, we are able to assist our clients in reimagining their home.  We have a knack for helping clients realize the potential they had in their home all along in order to use their space efficiently.

Buckeye Custom Remodeling owners Jodee and Darrin

Buckeye Custom Remodeling was founded by Darrin and Jodee Spencer in 2014 to help homeowners realize they are already living in their dream home! Darrin spent eight years working in the disaster restoration business where he developed his skill to repair homes on the tight budget required by insurance claims.

Through this experience, he learned to remodel efficiently, but still create a dream space to replace what was originally there.  Now Darrin and Jodee assist clients in the beautiful redesign of their homes while maintaining a realistic budget through Buckeye Custom Remodeling.

As our home begins to age, we tend to forget what we loved about it in the first place; finding frustration instead of joy.  But unless we want to leave our school district, neighborhood, mature landscaping and go through the hassles of moving, we may feel stuck in the space we have.  But it doesn’t have to be that way. Buckeye Custom Remodeling wants you to love your home again.

Custom remodeling of your
current home is the answer!

Buckeye Custom Remodeling Bathroom Remodel



Face-to-face meeting with client to discuss the renovation project and address important questions on how to best meet your needs.


Our team will take the information gathered from this meeting and develop a renovation plan that meets your needs and requirements.


Our design concepts will be presented and displayed as well as the determination and discussion of the final budget.


Then, we take over from there!  Buckeye Custom Remodeling will oversee the project from start to finish, minimizing the intrusion on your personal space and time.

Questions to think about before your face-to-face meeting:

What area of your home needs to be remodeled?

What functions do you desire from the space that you currently do not have?

What is your decorating style?

How long do you plan to stay in your home?

Is the project to improve the value of your home, salability, functionality or all three?

What is your renovation budget?

Your ideas + Our experience = You loving your home again!

Your home is your #1 investment.
We want you to get the most out of it!

Residential Remodeling in Winston Salem:

Buckeye Custom Remodeling Kitchen Remodel

Kitchen and Bathroom
updating and remodeling

Buckeye Custom Remodeling Flooring Installation

 Flooring and Custom Tile

Buckeye Custom Remodeling Roofing and Deck Repair and Installation

Roof and Deck
repair and installation

Buckeye Custom Remodeling Exterior window

windows, siding & paint

Buckeye Custom Remodeling Interior built-ins

painting, custom built ins & closet organizers

Buckeye Custom Remodeling fireplace remodeling

Den, Basement and Porch
updating and remodeling