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Our Story

Buckeye Custom Remodeling is a Winston Salem remodeling and home improvement company that is dedicated to reigniting the spark between homeowners and their homes. Consider Buckeye to be the marriage counselor that will help you remember the reason you fell in love with your home in the first place. They are a relationship-driven business that enjoys engaging with homeowners to understand what they want and need from their home.  By using their industry knowledge, they are able to remodel homes in a budget-friendly manner.  Buckeye is constantly involved during the remodeling process and will always be there throughout the entire project.

Darrin and Jodee Spencer spent the first 40 years of their lives in Ohio where their Buckeye love began.  After moving to North Carolina, they missed their Ohio State Buckeyes so much they chose to honor them through the company name ~ Buckeye Custom Remodeling! In fact, their family’s love for the Buckeyes goes so deep, their son convinced his wife to name their firstborn daughter Scarlett Grae ~ a play on the team’s colors!

When the Spencers relocated to North Carolina they missed the Buckeye State, but they truly felt at home in Winston Salem! They are now dedicated to helping the people of this beautiful city, and the Triad area, fall in love with their home again while maintaining their budget.

Company Values

We value our customer relationships because we know that it takes trust to welcome someone into your home and ask them to change it. You have to trust in our experience, industry knowledge, and in our ability to make your vision come alive. We aim for our clients to be thrilled with their results and have no regrets undertaking the project. In order to do this, we develop a relationship with our clients and communicate consistently throughout the project.

Darrin Spencer

Darrin spent eight years working in the disaster restoration business.  On the job, he managed large scale residential construction projects, maintained the project’s budget, selected and hired tradesmen (plumbers, electricians, landscapers, etc.), and worked directly with the homeowners throughout the process. Darrin was drawn to establish his own home improvement company to help people make budget-conscious renovations on their home. Some people may shy away from the very idea of remodeling because it’s associated with luxury and wealth. Darrin knows that it’s possible to reach the potential you originally saw in your home, even with a budget. He applies his experience in budgeted remodeling to help you make the best of your home!

Winston Salem Remodeling Buckeye Custom Remodeling Owner Darrin Spencer
Winston Salem Remodeling Buckeye Custom Remodeling Owner Jodee Spencer

Jodee Spencer

Jodee earned her real estate license in 2011.  She worked with a local realtor to help her clients market and sell their homes. Her clients agree that the ideas for improving their home prior to listing the property made all the difference – shortening the time the property was on the market to receiving an offer. Before that time, Jodee spent nearly 15 years working with attorneys in law firms in both Ohio and North Carolina. She coached corporate, litigation, and intellectual property attorneys on how to build their business through the use of marketing technology and communications, public relations, and client-focused initiatives. Working with Darrin in their own business had been a goal for many years. Now, working together to help people have the space of their dreams is exactly what she and Darrin had in mind when they set out to build Buckeye Custom Remodeling.

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